Non-warranty repairsMost manufacturers have 1 year warranty on their computers.  Check with the dealer first to see if this repair is covered.  If not, contact us for a price quote.
 Broken screenBroken screen repairs can be very expensive.  Cost could be over $1,000.  Give us a call, you can save you some money on these laptop screen repairs.
 Nasty spills You spilt coffee, drink, tea, water on your computer.  First of all liquids, should NOT be close to the computer.  POWER it off as SOON as the spill happens.  Some liquids destroy the main logic board by slowly dissolving the metal connectors.  It may work for some time, but it will fail.   Contact us as soon as you can.  We maybe able to help.
 Hard drive upgradesRun out of storage on your drive?  We can install a larger or faster drive.  We as will transfer your data from the old drive, or do our best if the drive is damaged.
 RAM upgradesRAM makes the computer go faster.  Most systems should have at least 4Gigs of RAM.
 System diagnosticsIf you think the system is running slow, or is making noise, let us check it out.   There maybe a problem that's waiting to happen.    Its best that we find it, before it's to late.
 Virus removalMalware, trojan horses, virus..  we can remove these nasties, and recommend some apps that can keep you out of trouble.  
 Home networks We install and configure home networks.  We can work with the Internet provider and setup a fast wifi network in your home.   To maybe devices streaming at one time,  can slow down a wifi router.   You need to get one that can handle it.
 Backup solutionsWOW  a BIG one!   Think about this.   You turn on your computer and it doesn't start up.  You have lost ALL YOUR DATA.   How will you get it back?  All those pictures, years and years of them.. GONE!!    One word.  BACKUP BACKUP and BACKUP.   You need a backup system BEFORE this happens.   They are not expensive.. just call.
 Data transfersWe can transfer files from your old computer to that new one.  We have all the tools.  BUT depending in the amount of data, this may take hours.   
 Network storageStoring your files on the Cloud or a set of network drives in house.   Data stored here can be shared with others on the network.   You you can use this as a backup of your files.
 On site training and supportOn site training and support.   Need help?   have a project?   call and we can help you through it.