Dec 1982 - 1989 
I (Larry Koscianski) helped open Computer Displays in Greenville, North Carolina December 1982 with Elaine Denton and Griff Garner. We sold Apple computers exclusively. The only computers Apple sold, at that time, were the Apple ][+ and the Apple ///. The Apple ][ had 64kb of RAM, and the Apple /// 256kb. Software was VisiCalc (spreadsheet) and AppleWriter (word processing) and Quickfile (database which grew up too be Appleworks).  My position was to service the computers, and to support and train the customers and staff. The little store grew up and joined a national chain, MicroAge. I continued to work with the customers and staff with support and service questions. By then they had 3 locations.

 July 1989
I decided to start my business, "MicroComputer Support Services".  I started in my garage, with a vision and a credit card. My mission was to "Provide the best service & support for the Macs in Eastern North Carolina.".  But could I make a living only supporting the Apples? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer in the garage, so why not me? Customers came and brought their computers, they called on the phone. I was busy, business was good. This was fun.
Aug 1990 - 1997
We continued to grow. More corporate customers. Then something happened that I didn't expect, I was offered a position that I could not have refused. To support the 300+ Macintoshes at Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceutical Company. I didn't want to stop my business, so I worked with my customers nights and weekends. I accepted the position with "Corporate America." I got all the experience and training I could in the six year I was there. Novel Netware, Cisco, Windows NT, Ethernet networking and of course the corporate politics that came within the position. I implemented may changes to help Research Triangle Park and Greenville labs. In 1996, Glaxo took over Burroughs Welcome closed the plant in Greenville. They offered me a position at the main site in Cary, but it wasn't fun any more. I had other plans, so I resigned.

Nov 1997 - 1999
I provided contract services to Digital Image Management from Greensboro, NC. They sold Macintosh computers to publishing companies, printers and newspapers throughout the area. I managed their Greenville support and service facilities, and still had time to take care of my customers. Business was coming back again. It was fun again.
June 2000 - 2001
2000 was the year I decided to go for it. I opened an Apple Authorized Service store in Greenville.  It was the only Macintosh service center in Eastern North Carolina. We were NOT going to do sales, only service. Apple has never opened a "service only" location before. Most Apple Authorized Service Providers are in an Apple Store. Their main goal, is to move the inventory. We were located on South Evans Street in Greenville, past the TV station. We had 2 employees, myself and Jay Gunter. We only had 700 sq ft of office space, but we had Macs coming and going regularly. It was still fun, but we need more space.          
July 2001 - 2007
We started working with doctors. Writing databases to handle patient information, setting up xServes, and doing more networking. So why not locate in the medical area of Greenville. Peter Van Houten had just moved into a new building and had some space available, 1,500 sq feet. So we made the move.  More space meant more work, which meant more staff. Then Apple Education came to call. Soon we started working with the schools again. Business was moving again, and it still was fun. More and more customers from Wilmington called, Universal Studios, New Hanover County Schools. Soon we were making trips to Wilmington regularly. We support customers within a 200 miles radius of Greenville. We are offering the Best Support & Service in Eastern North Carolina. And yes, it's still fun.
Jan 2008 - 2018
Our new location, has over 3,000 sq feet.  We pride ourselves in doing the repair right the first time and to offer the best support in Eastern North Carolina. With this new building, we are able to provide more training  and support.
We changed the company name to Eastern Carolina MacServices because we became known as the "Mac people".   Then later had to shorten it to ECMS, because Apple did not like the letters "Mac" in our name. And yes, still having fun.
June 2018 -
It's been 36 years since I received my first Apple Computer (An Apple ///).  36 years supporting Apple Computers, Microsoft, Unix, Printers, Servers, Networking, and more.   
29 years supporting and servicing Macs as MicroComputer Support Services, East Carolina MacServices and East Carolina Computer Services.  But mostly 36 years of amazing technology changes and lots of FUN!!!

I remember 15 years ago, when everyone was talking about Apple's demise.  We continued to remain committed to Apple. To make sure we were here for the Apple Community.  But now, I look around the area and there are iPhone & iPad repair places on every corner.  I think the Apple Community has lots of support and service now, so I closed the Winterville store  June 1, 2018.

I'm NOT going any where.  I'm still having way to much fun!  I'm just slowing down and moving back into a smaller office.   Instead of a store front, I will be doing on site visits and contract support.  
And yes, it's still fun!!